Wednesday, June 07, 2006

This little girl is learning to dance. Her parents want her to show off for the camera but she just wants to get all those little steps right. Her dance teacher taught her. The brother sits on the sofa with a broken leg because the parents want him in the picture too. He doesn't look on as affectionately as they would have liked him to but you don't really ask people to give expressions on camera. Besides, with this little boy, they are happy enough to have him sitting peacefully at one place for a few minutes, for the camera. Oh, he's a spoilt brat.

The girl, she's a little chubby angel. The kind whose hands and feet are a little chubby; they can only clap softly, thump the floor softly, jump only so high and land softly. The cute little cotton fluff childhood is made up of. When every color is a joy, every line from your hand is art, every move in rhythmic abandon is dance and every driven din is a beat.


Le Gal said...

Profound thoughts clearly a conversation between the past and the present flowing through the meandering course of time.Honest tale told honestly with a brilliant accuracy of observation.Keep it up!Would love to read more from you in future.

modjo said...

very beautifully written ..
love u