Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holi In Hyderabad

I don't remember a Holi when it rained. But it rained plenty in Hyderabad today, and sure hell it was Holi today! Started reading "Everyone Loves a Good Drought" by P. Sainath, long after the excitement around the book has died out. Also read a few essays on the Telangana movement; dated essays but quite eye opening nevertheless. Not that any of them were convincing at the least: two of three that I read (from the same compilation, mind you) were directly opposed to the other's central claim. Did a lot of translation work for Mum today. Anyway, should have some beautiful pictures from this beautiful day soon. Maybe a couple of them will be just right to put here. In the meanwhile, I am enjoying the sound of rain outside and a crisp rainy breeze drifting in from the windows :)

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hana said...

o that man is fantastic. sainath taught us Principles of Journalism.