Thursday, November 15, 2007

TA -umm- DAA?

Half past five in the morning when you had promised yourself that you would sleep by 11 and wake up by six. Doing what? Assorted online applications, random reading. Printed myself a 21 page manifesto of systems analysis, written as lead up to morphological analysis. Don't even know if MA is a credible tool but what the heck. The only other SA text I know of is a 200+ pages pdf that I do not have paper or time for. And this bugger starts off with a Greek etymologies of 'analysis' and 'synthesis'.

I changed the look, as you might have noticed. Give myself a break, besides many people had commented on the readability of the last template; didn't have time so I just used something from the staple templates. In the process I also learned how useful Google Cache is to retrieve cbox html when you have been dimwitted enough to wipe out your modified html, forgotten your registration details and so on.

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