Monday, July 02, 2007

Dostoevsky And Spam

What's the connection? The kind that just makes my day (night, if you insist).

So, I open my Gmail, and there's one piece of spam (unlike Yahoo, where spam overflows the inbox). Anyway, there are a couple of innocuous words peeking on the subject, so I decide to read it once. And lo! and behold! I am reading an extract from The Prince!! It's been real long since I last reread that book, so I couldn't place it, but it was The Prince for sure. Why would a spammer send Dostoevsky extracts? To find out, I clicked the "Display Images Below" link and true to nature, a scrambled .gif appears advertising the usual prescription drugs.

Sadly, I deleted it before it occurred to me to blog it, or I'd have shown it off here. Hell, it's not everyday that you get spam written by classic Russian authors :)

Don't Try This At Home Warning: Please don't start opening images in spam because of this. They can be viruses, and god knows there's no safe file format when you are on windows.

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