Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A nice old age...

Old people are nice. My mother met a 74 year-old in the club's gym. His building's watchman walks him to the club everyday, and the club's watchman helps there. So my mom got introduced and told him that my grandfather would be coming soon and she was wondering if he would like his company.

The old man asked,"How old is he?"
"Does he play carrom?"
"I am sure he can learn"
"It'll be alright then."

I call that getting right to the point. And now I am sure my grandfather will have a nice time here =)


Anonymous said...

If only making friends were that easy.

Nitish said...

But it can be, isn't it? The only hurdle here is me, in various forms (shy/ego/...)

Anonymous said...

There's always two 'me's. And that's why it's not so easy.

The Shrew said...

Of course it can be.See we're proof no!?As long as people need printers.

@ Anonymous
Two me's et all blaaah!There's a hundred "us".People will think you're weird if they want too no matter what anyway.Revel in your eccentricities.

Btw,I'm the shrew.I kill people for a living and then chop them into little little pieces and indulge in necrophilia etc etc.Have you seen the NIN movie "Broken"? Part of that gore was mine.Are you a psychopath too?If yes we can be friends for mutual benefit.

See easy no?

@ Nitish

Can you pass that vodka?

Anonymous said...

Yo Shrew :) I'm plain vanilla. Freaks me out that you don't type a space after every dot but that's probably just me. Psychopath? Me? I wouldn't want to gloat already. Give it a couple of weeks, maybe? Provided Nitish doesn't drive us away.

Oh, I've heard about the printers... maybe someday, they'll bring the world together... or at least find me someone nice :)

Nitish said...

What are you people talking about? Who are you people? Which printers are these, that can "bring the world together"? (Just in case we should petition HP to bring down the cost of their cartridges or something.)

Anonymous said...

Why would HP care?!