Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Internet Radio Business Model

I am sure early music radio did not have to contend with RIAA when they broadcasted. I am not talking BBC-early, I am talking post-WW1-early. To achieve the maturity of a market any opportunity must be given the chance to gain currency, which is mostly viral by nature. Viral and organic.

Internet radio has been, to this point, a hobby or passion at best for most. Even Yahoo's Launchcast didn't voluntarily pay royalties. And now, by passing a dozen laws to reap money from immature ventures, RIAA has effectively added at least 5 years to the time it will take internet radio to evolve a replicable, profitable business model.


The Shrew said...

You're right on spot.Also most Internet radio stations are privately owned or internet partnerships.And these partnerships themselves are quite feeble.And privately owned and controlled stations are at the mercy of the owners whims and fancies.

On a related note,there's an awesome Indian rock internet radio station.Try this

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Anonymous said...

I found a pretty good internet radio station that plays live shows with hosts around the clock. Check it out, Do you think the days of the disc jockey are over?