Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco, great lyrics, haven't heard any songs though. My brother has made an e-mail signature of her words and that' where I found it for the first time. I found out that she's from Buffalo, NY, that she's bisexual and politically active. She makes what is called punk-folk or folk-punk. That she says even rap is folk, something I agree with whole heartedly. Sample the lyrics below and if you find them to you liking, read some more, like I did, purely for the fun of reading nice lyrics at Pearl Jam forums.

Our father who art in a penthouse
sits in his 37th floor suite
and swivels to gaze down
at the city he made me in
he allows me to stand and
solicit graffiti until
he needs the land i stand on
I in my darkened threshold
am pawing through my pockets
the receipts, the bus schedules
the matchbook phone numbers
the urgent napkin poems
all of which laundering has rendered
pulpy and strange
loose change and a key
ask me
Go ahead, ask me if i care
I got the answer here
I wrote it down somewhere
I've just got to find it.

From the song Coming Up.

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The Shrew said...

hiya.yesss i love her.all thanks to you.

Tell me what you think of this one.I can relate to it terribly.

>> Serpentine

and write mo no.